Lady GaGa Trying to Erase Her Past!

LADY GaGa has reportedly been contacting ex-boyfriends to stop old photos of her being revealed.

The Alejandro singer is said to be embarrassed by pictures of her in her younger days which have surfaced since she rose to fame, and is now trying to snap up any old shots to protect her eccentric public identity.

“She hates things from her past being made public,” a source said. “She’s contacted exes, childhood friends and workmates to buy the copyright to any old pictures and footage to make sure that nothing else surfaces.”

Image-conscious GaGa — who is currently dating Luc Carl — was thrilled to discover she is going to be immortalised in wax at several Madame Tussauds museums.

Eight statues of the pop star will be unveiled in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong on December 9.

Each model will wear a different outlandish outfit from the singer’s wardrobe.

Every statue takes four months to complete and in total the eight figures are reported to have cost $2.4 million to create.

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Lady GaGa Trying to Erase Her Past!

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