Lady Gaga Shows Ex-President Bill Clinton The Finger

Lady Gaga had the crowd on their feet last night and this time the stadium was filled with Ex-President bill Clinton‘s family, friends and supporters for a Decade of Difference: a Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton Foundation.

The event was set to raise funds and awareness about the charitable organization that focuses on “global interdependence”. Lady Gaga certainly has garnered some press for the event after sexually explicit dancing and poking fun at the Clintons but bill, Hilary and Chelsea seemed to take it all in stride. Standing throughout the entire set, the family seemed in good spirits as they considered the event a belated 65th birthday party for the statesman as well.

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The artist flaunted her appreciation of our country and the opportunities it provides saying, “I’m 25 and just four years ago I was living in a teeny tiny apartment in new York, praying every day that just one person would believe in me. so I guess you can say that in some kind of weird and twisted new York kind of way, I love the American dream. it just takes one person to believe in you. so tonight I just thought we’d all get caught up in a little bill romance.”  she then went into her set altering lyrics in her songs especially for the night. “Somewhere, something about this place, somewhere about [sic] American eyes when a Clinton makes us all feel safe.

Somewhere something about a cool, Arkansas guy, yes, something about — Hilary, Billary, that’s your new celebrity name — to the Clintons, you and I.” she took full advantage of the audience here as she often does and never lets the chance to shock pass her by. she announced to bill, “If someone had told me so many years ago that I’d be doing that right in front of you I just would not believe. I would have given a good American f**k you.” Middle finger held high!

Lady Gaga Shows Ex-President Bill Clinton The Finger

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