Lady GaGa – Bad Romance – The Hidden Meanings

The visual concept of Lady GaGa’s music video to her number one single bad Romance shows her being auctioned off to the highest bidder, each of the people bidding are representations for record labels. therefore, she is being auctioned off to the record company that wants to sign her onto their label, it is visualised by GaGa undressing in front of these people and appearing to be sold as a sex slave. This idea is extended when GaGa charms one of the men into buying her, and then proceeds to have sex with the highest bidder.

So, the whole video can be interpreted as a metaphor for the music industry and how they manipulate their artists. The video itself shows each step GaGa has to go through to become a famous star. This includes business deals, manipulation and the idea of dark forces. So whilst the song bad Romance is initially about the simple idea of loving someone for who they and everything about them good and bad, it is also about the bad romance and relationship artists have with the music industry.

However, whilst the video follows this fairly simplistic narrative other elements and symbols are included throughout the video. The references to the devil and anti-Christianity are fairly frequent and obvious. The first reference to this is the use of the cross and the word Monster written underneath; another is the image of the cross on GaGa’s underwear and finally, the phallic symbol of the triangle that is visually drawn during a dancing scene. along with this, there are plenty of references to the sun including a gold dress worn by GaGa, the golden sunlight streaming into the room and the orbital outfit worn near the end of the video.

Therefore, the whole video is full of meaning and symbolic references to different things. all of this points towards the fact that the video whilst showing the bad and dark side to relationships also represents the dark forces in industry.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance – The Hidden Meanings

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