Lady Gaga: A Walk on the Wharf!


There is nothing special about Lady Caca. All Lady Caa does is check Youttube to see if there are things she can copy/paste.

Lady Caca plays boring piano. Placing your foot on top of a piano won’t make it better and won’t make you outstandingly talented.

Lady Caca’s voice is boring and average. Where’s the amazing-ness there? Nowhere. This poor fool tries to belt and do runs, but those are always so wack, the complete opposite of epic. Whitney, Mariah and Christina Aguilera would all laugh at that mess if they had heard it.

Lady Caca and her people write the most ridiculous and embarrassing lyrics. Lyrics are so gag-inducing it’s terrible.

Lady Caca is a piece of shiot and anyone that disagrees with this is simply a delusional fool with horrific taste.

Point blank, bottom line.

Lady Gaga: A Walk on the Wharf!

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