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TYLER (KYTX) – Loyalty to smart phone brands has become a full-blown rivalry. There's no question, people take sides when it comes to Androids versus iPhones.

But for all of you who haven't decided yet, CBS 19 is breaks down the similarities and the differences.

Smart phones are serious business these days. your smart phone is a portal to the modern world that you carry in your pocket or purse.

People put their lives into these devices – banking information, emails, personal calendars, and more.

iPhone and Android are the two biggest players in the market right now, and their loyal customers are speaking up for their brands loud and clear.

It's the battle of the smart phones.

Josh McCullough works at Best buy, and helps lots of people decide: iPhone or Android.

McCullough says, “There's definite loyalty, and it's one of those things – you tend to either be all Apple because you've invested everything into iTunes, or all Android because they like the openness they like, they want to be able to create their own experience.”

William Story is one of those people who's all about customizing, and he's 100 percent team Android.

“Once you know how to use it,” Story says, “the capabilities of an Android, it just blows an iPhone out of the water.”

But iPhone enthusiast Charlie Brown disagrees.

“The iPhone seems a lot more user friendly.”

He says most of his friends are jumping on board.

“I've got some friends that have an Android that say they're going to get an iPhone,” Brown says.

“The biggest difference is that iPhone is almost 100% app based,” McCullough says, “whereas with the Android, while there are a lot of apps, you can do just about anything you want to in the browser.”

He says the app filled iPhone is why people think it's easier to use.

“More people believe the iPhone can do a lot more because it does have more apps,” McCullough says.

But the Android may get you where you need to go faster.

“So you can visit the banking site, or the restaurant site, without having to download their app before you do it.”

But, with an iPhone, you're guaranteed a uniform set up.

McCullough says, “iTunes is definitely an ecosystem in that once your on an iPhone, you're in Apple land.”

For some, finding everything they need in one place, is a plus – but others think it limits their freedom.

“With Android, you can do the Google market, you can do the Amazon app store, you can do get Jar, you can do so many different things,” McCullough says.

The Android may provide you openness – but unlike the iPhone, each model is different.

“The biggest complaint is that there is not a standard on Android, that the connectors are different, they're in different places.”

Katie Williams says she and her friend are at war over their smart phones.

“She's always trying to point out the things that the Android will do that the iPhone won't,” Williams says.

Most people's favorite smart phone capability can be found in both Androids and iPhones – voice actions.

“Google voice actions, have been on Android forever.”

It's the same as iPhone's new Siri, except android voice actions don't talk back.

Even though there are many similarities – the line in the sand has been drawn.

“iPhone!” Williams says.

Story, is staying put too. “I think I'm good with Androids, I think I'm good.”

If you're still on the fence, learn the differences.

McCullough suggests, “Play around with it to see which one you like. Talk to your friends and family, and see how comfortable you are with it.”

And if you do choose apple or android – get ready to join the rivalry.

With Android being free and open, there's a question of security. Experts say it may be easier to get a virus on an Android, but Apple has experienced hacking scams too – leaking personal information.

In the end though, both phones are pretty secure.

Buying a new smart phone is a big decision. In the United States, you usually deal with 2-year contracts, so make sure you check out all your options before you choose one.

KYTX CBS 19 Tyler Longview News Weather SportsSPECIAL REPORT: iPhone vs. Android

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