KXLH Evening Top Stories (Wed Aug 8)

Top stories on KXLH for the evening of Wedensday, August 8, 2012.

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– Firefighters Stay Busy: The Helena Fire Department responded to a fire on Wednesday afternoon in the alley at 1116 Billings Avenue, just west of Helena High School, where a trash receptacle caught fire. Firefighters moved quickly before the flames spread past the trash receptacle on to a nearby building and vehicle. No injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is not yet known. it was part of a busy day for the department; they responded to 14 calls by 2 p.m., with only six firefighters on duty.

– Collision Update: A woman and her baby were transported to the hospital this morning after being struck from behind. it happened at around 9 a.m. at the corner of Wylie Drive and Canyon Ferry Road. the MHP says that a red Subaru wagon was eastbound behind a blue Ford Taurus sedan, when the driver reached up to pull her visor down to block the sun. the driver said something fell into her lap and she reached down to pick it up when she slammed into the back of the sedan. the 20 year old driver of the sedan was trying to make a turn into a driveway, when her car was pushed into a fence post of a yard. the woman driver was complaining of neck pain and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Her baby, was fastened in a carseat in the back, was also taken for observation. the driver of the red Subaru was cited for careless driving.

– Teen Charged: Keith James Fortune III, 16 years old, will be treated as an adult on felony robbery charges. Fortune is accused of stealing a handgun and some marijuana last month and trying to sell the pot at the fair. Lewis & Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher told Judge Dorothy McCarter there are other charges pending against Fortune involving a fight that broke out last week causing harm to another individual. Court documents say that in the fight, Fortune allegedly stole a .40-caliber Glock handgun and marijuana from the victim. the man suffered head injuries and a broken tooth. Fortune could face up to two years in prison and a $50,000 fine.

– Gas & Power: Emergency responders were busy chasing the smell of natural gas this morning in a Helena neighborhood. the odor spread near Capital High School into the Sunhaven subdivision and Carroll College. NorthWestern Energy says a two-inch gas line was spewing gas around 9 a.m. Crews were digging up a water line and hit an unmarked gas line. another gas leak occurred almost simultaneously near Carroll College. There were no evacuations or other problems caused by the broken lines. NorthWestern Energy estimates that about 2,100 customers in East Helena were without power for nearly two hours at the same time this morning. Although the cause is unknown, they said they recharged the line and it began working again.

– Economy Outlook: Helena business leaders learned at the seventh annual mid-year economic update that their local and state economy is expected to grow at between 2% and 3% over the next few years. Helena’s economic base is dominated by both the state and federal government which had a slow decline but also slow rise out of through the recession. the mid-year update to the economic outlook is hosted by the Montana Chamber Foundation.

– Bank on it: with interest rates at near record lows, new banks and branches popping up in and around Helena. Stockman’s Bank is hoping to break ground on it’s new building on Custer Avenue by September 1st. the location is directly across the street from a branch of the Helena Community Credit Union. first Interstate Bank of Helena is putting the finishing touches on a long-awaited building on the southeast corner of Lyndale and last Chance Gulch.

– Expect Respect: Some Helena businesses are launching the “Expect Respect” campaign, aimed at reducing bullying and violence in the community. several banners will be strung up around downtown to remind youth to stop violence, and businesses will display the Expect Respect logo in their windows. the campaign started in the Helena School District to stop bullying.

KXLH Evening Top Stories (Wed Aug 8)

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