Kristen Stewart Already Dreading ‘On the Road’ Toronto Premiere? Will She Talk Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart is rumored to have her first red carpet appearance confirmed on her calendar since being branded with the scarlet letter of cheating by being unfaithful to her longtime boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. the scandal, which also involved Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, has shaken up Robsten fans who perhaps could never imagine this sort of fate for their favorite couple; and it’s also caused a near media frenzy around the two Breaking Dawn actors.

Stewart has unsurprisingly been in near-hiding of late, no doubt trying to stay out of the spotlight until some of the heat of the situation subsides. she and Pattinson are not attending the upcoming Twilight convention, and she skipped the London première of her movie, on the Road. So it’s particularly significant that she will reportedly show up for the flick’s Toronto début on Sept. 6. as Hollywood Life reports, while the Toronto Film Festival hasn’t confirmed her presence, a source close to her has. (In attending the première, she would conveniently miss the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards the same evening, which could be an even more awkward appearance for the troubled young starlet.)

She’s probably already dreading the flashbulbs, the flock of paparazzi and the flood of personal questions that will surely come her way at the red-carpet event. the edgy, unconventional actress has employed the middle finger before and it may come out to play again if the quickfire questions prove too Robert Pattinson or Rupert Sanders heavy. plus, she may really have reason to wear her comfy Converse sneakers with her couture ensemble, should she want to make a quick getaway.

Of course, Robert Pattinson bravely beat Kristen Stewart to the publicity punch, bit the bullet and recently did a string of interviews in support of his new York City premiere of Cosmopolis. Naturally, he stayed mum on the whole Stewart situation, unwilling to provide much insight into the status of his personal life. Robsten didn’t talk about their off-screen relationship in the best of times, so it’s not shocking that Pattinson has played the silent game. So, too, no doubt will Stewart whenever she makes that first step back into the limelight.

Kristen Stewart Already Dreading ‘On the Road’ Toronto Premiere? Will She Talk Robert Pattinson?

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