Killeen Koreans raise funds for Haiti relief Posted On: Friday, Mar. 5 2010 05 …

Killeen Koreans raise funds for Haiti relief Posted on: Friday, Mar. 5 2010 05:31 AM By Victor O’BrienKilleen Daily Herald

Sixty years after the Korean War devastated his homeland, Seoung Lim and Killeen-area Koreans repaid Haitians Thursday for their generous support.

The Korean War marred Lim’s early childhood with poverty and struggle. as a boy, he picked spent bullet shells off rice paddies.

Food was scarce and the shells paid for dinner, Lim said.

Thursday, the Korean American Association of Killeen and its president, Lim, donated $5,885.32 to help disaster relief in Haiti via the American Red Cross. the group hopes the funds will help rebuild Haiti in the same way Haitian support helped rebuild Korea after the war.

“Sixty years ago when my country was nearly destroyed because of war, Haitian people helped Korea to rebuild,” Lim said.

The money will be placed in the International Disaster Relief Fund for Haiti to purchase food and supplies, Killeen-area Red Cross manager Bob Roberts said. the money will buy Haitian goods to rebuild Haiti and stimulate the economy.

The group’s donation, which was collected through OMart and Korean churches, is in the ballpark of the area’s largest donor, the Killeen Independent School District. the donation Thursday raised Haitian relief funds donated in Killeen to $13,800.

The disasters in Haiti and Chile occurred at the same time the local Red Cross seeks donations for the Killeen-Temple area. Roberts recognizes the pressing situations of Haiti and Chile, but hopes “donor fatigue” doesn’t shortchange the local branch.

Local donations help area residents with clothes, food and accommodations after devastating home fires.

“All this has hit at a time during local Red Cross fundraising,” Roberts said. “We’re running a bit on hard times.”

Donations to help disaster relief efforts in Haiti and Chile can be made through

Area donations can be made through the Heart of Texas Red Cross in the Waco and Killeen branches.

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Killeen Koreans raise funds for Haiti relief Posted On: Friday, Mar. 5 2010 05 …

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