Kanye West Reportedly Working on Fashion Line for Topshop

Last week, ‘The Mirror’ reported that Kanye West is in talks to create a line for U.K. retailer Topshop.

If Kanye West’s fashion collection – eponymous, DW, or by whatever name you call it – can’t cut it for the runway, is High Street the next short step down? Possibly. the Mirror reported that West had lunch with Topshop boss Sir Philip Green last week, and the rapper expressed interest in creating an exclusive women’s line for the retailer. Although West has not confirmed the report, a source told the Mirror: “Kanye has wanted to work with Sir Philip Green for some time. They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth.

“Kanye is obsessed with the female shape so if he did a range it would be pretty revealing – not for wallflowers.”

with a tailored look, West’s Topshop line would be inspired by Balmain, Givenchy, and Azzedine Alaia.

Green, on the other hand, denies the information. He shot back, calling the report preposterous: “I had lunch with him and, sorry, do I have to report who I have lunch with in the Daily Mirror? He was very hungry. so was I. That’s what happens at lunchtime.

“There was no conversation going on. He’s a friend of my son.”

Perhaps Green caught a glimpse (or read the scathing reviews) of West’s first official collection at Paris Fashion Week in the fall. Essentially, every aspect of West’s collection (called DW at the time, but the rapper claims it’s simply Kanye West) was torn apart. Critics were appalled by the materials used – leather and fur for a spring collection? – and found the collection’s styles ill-fitting and too derivative (every other designer has been doing the bandage dress and color blocking over the past year, so what makes West’s line different?). Some, however, found the atmosphere the best part of the event.

West was lukewarmly received after the completion of his first show and later shot back in defense of his “season-proof collection” and designing skills, stating: “This is my first collection. please be easy. please give me a chance to grow.”

Based on what you’ve seen of Kanye’s line, should he continue in fashion or just stick with hip-hop?

Kanye West Reportedly Working on Fashion Line for Topshop

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