Kanye West – Is He an Example of a Downhill Trend of Disrespect Among American Performers?

Kanye West’s recent MTV debacle where he practically stomped all over Taylor Swift is a ridiculous show of disrespect. This certainly isn’t the first time Kanye has brought perceptions of himself as being arrogant and disrespectful of others, however this kind of activity seems to be occurring more and more frequently in the last few years.

From rumors started about gender issues with Lady GaGa, to the very public feuds from yesteryear between Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera there seems to be an astonishing increase in these kinds of behavior. Is it a sign of the times changing with musician and artists becoming more self-obsessed & arrogant with more and more flagrant displays of disrespect and lack of tolerance? Or is it all a marketing ploy by the record companies who are putting their charges up to these acts?

It is a well known fact that the music industry has not kept up with the times. there has been little change as companies still strive to drive money into their coffers at the expense of quality artists and ‘factory’ bands/acts. the emergence and boom of the internet and the information age has added in more and more people being exposed to music via iTunes, Zune, Napster and the various multitude of companies that sell music online. Hell they even tried very recently to make iTunes pay for the thirty second samples that customers can listen to before they decide to buy.

Due to there draconian inability to adapt to the marketing in the new internet age, are they resorting to pressuring there artists into acts of brazen stupidity, disrespectful behavior and the like just to score mass media attention? many believe so, Kayne West whilst conforming to this possible conclusion however is most probably just that way, as he has demonstrated time and time again that he believes he is the center of the world and we as a people revolve around him.

Whilst a disturbing principle if the music industry big dogs are actively seeking out ‘bad’ publicity this way one must ponder the ramifications of there actions as the highly impressionable youth are exposed to this. Lets just hope the youth of today is intelligent enough today to make the right decisions and not take there influences from unscrupulous music industry programming.

Kanye West – Is He an Example of a Downhill Trend of Disrespect Among American Performers?

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