Kansas, LSU, Hawaii or Oregon – Who Will be Vying for the BCS Championship?

To say that 2007 was a crazy season for college football would likely be the understatement of the year. There have been four different no. 1 ranked teams (USC, LSU, Cal, Ohio State), one of which is no longer in the top 25 (Cal). of the preseason top 25 only 13 are still there, with new comers Kansas, Illinois, Cincinnati and Connecticut, normally basketball powerhouses, making unusual appearances. At times, undefeated seasons seemed within grasp for the unlikeliest of teams (Boston College, Arizona State, UCF, Hawaii, Kansas). And traditional powerhouses have become bottom of the barrel teams (Notre Dame, Miami).

However, with all that behind us, the fog has cleared a bit. Now, instead of being wide open, the BCS Championship has become a 2-3, maybe even 4-horse race. Which horses are ahead of the rest of the pack, you ask? LSU, Oregon, Kansas and Hawaii. But which of the four has the best chance? Well, LSU and Oregon are the obvious choices seeing as they have a long history of football excellence. Furthermore, with LSU and Oregon having already played their toughest opponents, it should be smooth sailing from here on out. On the other hand, Kansas and Hawaii are both undefeated. And if they can win out for rest of the season, they too will have a good chance of playing in the BCS Championsip game.

So, now we will have to wait and see what the BCS gurus have to say. will it be Oregon and LSU, teams who have won respect as a result of numerous victorious seasons? or will it be the undefeated teams with the admittedly easier schedules? Honestly, I have no idea what will happen, but here’s what I think should happen. I think that Oregon and LSU are much better teams that Kansas and Hawaii. They are bigger, faster and stronger. But, how can you not reward teams who have gone the whole season without suffering defeat? So, if Kansas and Hawaii win the rest of their games, each procuring unlikely perfect seasons, they will be deserving candidates for the national championship this season. Not LSU. Not Oregon.

Kansas, LSU, Hawaii or Oregon – Who Will be Vying for the BCS Championship?

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