JR Martinez on 'Dancing With the Stars' 2011 Win, Favorite Moments

That's where the Phoenix Society and people like JR Martinez come in: to prove people are more than their scars. “I think that's why people gravitated to JR, because we've all had struggles, ours are just more visible,” said Acton. jr . jpg.

Fan favorite JR Martinez pulled an upset over Rob Kardashian, bringing home the Dancing with the Stars mirrorball trophy. Kardashian actually had a slightly higher overall score (130-129) but said, "I'm definitely not sad. I've won in my book.

SO well deserved!!!! Check out the video (above) of JR Martinez winning season 13 of Dancing with the Stars, and taking home the coveted mirror-ball trophy!!!!!!! We were definitely impressed with

was crowned as the winner of Season 13 of "Dancing with the Stars" while Lady Antebellum performed.

ABC's DANCING WITH THE STARS, J.R. Martinez will be co-hosting a CNN Special entitled 'CNN Heroes: an All-Star Tribute' on December 11th. CNN newsman Anderson Cooper will co-host the show. Martinez will also contribute to the upcoming CNN show,

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JR Martinez on 'Dancing With the Stars' 2011 Win, Favorite Moments

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