Josh on marriage: “I just want a toaster!”

Local News, By ConnieYe, 22nd June, 2011

Comedian Josh Thomas revealed one highly personal motivation to champion gay marriage rights on this Monday’s live Q&A show – wedding presents.

“I just want gifts,” he jested. “I just want a day where I get all my family and friends together, and say I really love this guy, now buy me some presents, I’m sick of buying you [presents].”

On a panel brought together for a special Gen-Y episode, the young Brisbane native, who came out in 2009, slammed the current Marriage Act as “empowering homophobia”, a comment met with robust applause.

For an encore he attempted to enlighten the audience on the link between legalising gay marriage and a booming economy.

“It’s good for the economy. I do not understand how that works but I will run with it,” he enthused good-naturedly before adding in earnest, “It’s always give give give when you’re gay – I just want a toaster.”

Despite heated disagreement on other issues, the Gen-Y panel was unanimously in favour of gay marriage in Australia.

Here’s more from Josh:

Let’s keep up the battle for gay marriage and maybe one day Josh will get the toasted bread he craves.

Josh on marriage: “I just want a toaster!”

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