Jose Reyes to Miami Marlins: How Does Signing Affect Jimmy Rollins?

Jose Reyes just signed a very nice contract to take his talents to South Beach. However, how does this impact Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies?

First, according to Buster Olney on Twitter, the Milwaukee Brewers are probably the Phillies’ biggest competition when it comes to signing Rollins. last season, Yuniesky Betancourt held down the position for the Brewers, and he hit .252 with 13 home runs and 68 RBI. He is now a free agent though, so it does make sense that the Brewers would be looking for an upgrade.

Rollins would provide that. last season, Rollins hit .268, 16 home runs, and 63 RBI. while this doesn’t look like substantially more production, Rollins is also a much better fielder than Betancourt and is a proven winner.

However, the Phillies have the option of bringing Rollins back. They have signed Jonathan Papelbon, but they have also reduced their payroll by not bringing back Roy Oswalt, Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson most notably.

the Brewers are going to be trying to bring back Prince Fielder, I am sure. Previously he had said that he would not be returning to Milwaukee, and that still might be what ends up happening. However, they will probably offer him the best deal that could possibly can. what happens then if Fielder takes it?

Then, they would probably not have enough money to also sign Rollins. that would leave the Phillies as one of the only contenders for his services.

Of course, it might simply develop into a bidding war if the Brewers really are not able to re-sign Fielder, but it will be interesting to watch this story develop further.

Jose Reyes to Miami Marlins: How Does Signing Affect Jimmy Rollins?

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