John Edwards’ Daughter Leaves Courtroom in Tears After Hearing of Fights with Mom «

John Edwards’ daughter left the courtroom crying during testimony on Wednesday about a confrontation between her father and deceased mother over the one-time presidential candidate’s extra-marital affair.

Former Edwards aide Christina Reynolds was testifying about an argument Elizabeth Edwards had with her husband on the day in October 2007 that a tabloid published a story about his affair.

As Reynolds was beginning the account about what happened at the Raleigh airport, Edwards turned to his daughter Cate, who was seated in the front row.

‘I don’t know what’s coming. do you want to leave?’ Edwards was heard asking.

She responded inaudibly to him, then walked away wiping tears. Edwards was heard saying, ‘Cate, Cate’ as she walked out. Cate Edwards later returned to court after a recess.

Wednesday’s hearing at the campaign finance corruption trial also included an account from another aide who testified that he repeatedly voiced concerns about the mistress, Rielle Hunter, and later left the Edwards staff after an expletive-laced dressing down from the candidate.

But the most stirring testimony came from Reynolds, the candidate’s one-time communications adviser who was also a confidante of Elizabeth Edwards. The two women had bonded because they had similar backgrounds in military families.

Reynolds recently joined the board of the educational foundation named for Elizabeth Edwards, who died in December of 2010 after a years-long fight with cancer.

She told the court that Elizabeth Edwards asked her over to the family’s Chapel Hill home in the summer of 2007 and revealed that her husband had confessed to the affair the previous year.

The following October, Reynolds testified, she observed a very upset Elizabeth Edwards confront her husband at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on the morning that The National Enquirer published a story about the affair.

She stormed off and then collapsed in the parking lot, Reynolds said, and the aide and another staff member helped her into the bathroom of a private hangar.

After collecting herself, Elizabeth Edwards came back into the hangar, found her husband and began yelling. She then pulled off her shirt and bra, leaving herself bare-chested, Reynolds said.

‘You don’t see me any more,’ Reynolds quoted the wife as saying.

Josh Brumberger, 33, testified earlier today that he was taken off the campaign right before they were due to fly to China after he confided to senior advisers that people were becoming aware of Edwards’ mistress.

He said he was concerned the former presidential candidate and Rielle Hunter were being indiscreet, revealing she would demand to ride on private jets, make Edwards wheel her luggage around and go to his hotel room in ‘overnight apparel’.

Brumberger, who was 27 when he started working for Edwards, said the exchange in a private room at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was ‘fairly emotional, heated, somewhat graphic conversation’, and quoted Edwards as saying: ‘If he thought I was f***ing her, why didn’t he come to me like a man and tell me to stop f***ing her.’

The former aide told the court: ‘he was really upset. he was red.’

Asked by prosecutors if he had been fired after the incident, he said: ‘That’s the way I understood it. One thing was definitely clear. I was not going to China.’

Edwards is accused of illegally using campaign donations to keep his mistress Rielle Hunter hidden. If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

John Edwards’ Daughter Leaves Courtroom in Tears After Hearing of Fights with Mom «

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