John Boehner Debt Ceiling Speech House Speaker

House Speaker John Boehner says that President Barack Obama wants a carte blanche from Congress to raise the debt ceiling, but it will not get one.

Boehner says that the solution to the debt crisis is not complicated. it says that if you take most of what you spend, you need to spend less.

In its reply to the speech Obama gave to the nation broadcast Boehner hints of compromise.

“Unfortunately, the President would not do a reaction,” said. “even when we think we could agree that the requirements of the President have changed.”

John Boehner Debt Ceiling Speech House Speaker

The President of Parliament have said that no standard United States. he said that the crisis would be if the Senate approves a new House Republican plan to be voted in Parliament this week, and if the President signs.

CBS News Jill Jackson wrote in a tweet if Boehner leave the Capitol, heard to say: “cannot enroll go hand in hand with the President of the United States.”

Obama and Boehner gave comments duels only about a week before the expiry of a period of 2 August lend the Government limit.

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John Boehner Debt Ceiling Speech House Speaker

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