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Jimmy Stewart was one of the greatest actors in American film. he was nominated five times for an academy award and in 1980 he won the lifetime achievement award from the American Film Institute. he was actually the most represented actor on the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list presented by Entertainment Weekly and was named the 3rd greatest male star of all time.

Jimmy Stewart’s movies are frequently quoted and remembered in our daily life – from his famous It’s a Wonderful Life to Vertigo to The Philadelphia Story. when the movie Harvey came out everyone wanted to rent rabbit costumes come Halloween and everyone smiles and remembers the line, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings, from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life when they hear a bell go off.

His four movies with Hitchcock were exceptional. Jimmy Stewart starred in 4 Hitchcock movies: Vertigo, The Man Who Knew too Much, Rear Window, and Rope. he has acted with several major leading ladies like Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis, June Allyson and many, many more. it was hinted that he romanced a few as well.

His popularity never waned over the years. his 81 movies were always popular due to his timeless appeal. he portrayed his roles as if he was your next door neighbor or a member of your family. his last movie was in 1991, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West where he lent his famous voice to one of the characters.

Jimmy Stewart passed away on July 2, 1997, at the age of 89. he was mourned by fans worldwide. America lost a national treasure today, President Bill Clinton said on the day Stewart died. Jimmy Stewart was a great actor, a gentleman and a patriot.

Jimmy Stewart Films

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