jimmy rebel

Hey there, Boondockers! I just want to tell you that I almost died getting this episode recap done. not that it will stop you from making fun of me, I am just saying.

Anyway, tonight’s episode is Uncle-Ruckus-centric, which means just one thing: huge, mind-boggling amounts of racism. And that’s good! not the racist part, but the part where the Boondocks gets to deploy lots of satire, which is what it’s good at. Also, Aaron McGruder clearly has a blast writing these things, so he tends to pull out all the stops and present us — and by us, I mean white people, or in my case, half-white people, with material that he knows we’re going to laugh at really hard and then feel bad about.

In this episode, we learn that Uncle Ruckus has long idolized Jimmy Rebel, a popular racist country singer based on the infamous Johnny Reb, a.k.a. Pee Wee Trahan. Should you be unfamiliar with Trahan’s work, he’s really just about as bad as he’s portrayed in this episode, though thankfully, not nearly as popular. (At one point, the fake Jimmy Rebel presents Grandpa Freeman with a CD called Real Niggers never Die, They just Smell That way, which, believe it or not, is the name of an actual Johnny Reb song.) So much did Jimmy Rebel’s music

jimmy rebel

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