Jerry Micco's sports chat transcript: 5.30.12

May 30, 2012 2:00 pm Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Poll question: Is it time to add Lincoln and Karstens to the Pirates starting rotation for Morton and Correia?

Answer #1: yes (85%)

Answer #2: no (15%)

Jerry Micco: hi everyone and welcome to the chat. I'll be back in a few minutes to start. in the meantime, feel free to vote in our poll and to put in any early questions. see you soon!

James_Pittsburgh: do you think the Pirates should stand pat or make a trade?

Jerry Micco: Depends on what's out there, James. Early trades can sometimes yield better players than trade-deadline deals, but for now, I think they are in a wait-and-see mode. They have what a lot of teams want, pitching, but I'm sure teams are much more interested in Taillon, Cole and McDonald than they are Correia, Morton or Hanrahan. Huntington's dilemma is would your trade one of the first three for a bat or not?

James_Pittsburgh: do you see the Penguins making any moves in the offseason?

Jerry Micco: I think they will try to move either Martin or Michalek, and certainly will listen to offers for Staal and possibly Malkin, though I doubt they'll trade the latter.

John from Parker, CO: hi mr. Micco. thanks for the chat forum! do you think Wallace will come to his senses (is my bias showing?) and sign the tender, or are we looking at an ugly few weeks ahead? He and Cook have to know the FO will not be coerced, and in fact will be torqued by a hold out. Thoughts?

Jerry Micco: Glad you could join the chat today, John. I think eventually, Wallace will sign a contract that has a number of years and at a fair salary. He's not going to get Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitz money because he's not as good as either player. But I think he'll play this season, though he may not be at camp for a couple of weeks or so. I think he'll sign before the season starts.

James_Pittsburgh: do you see Trey Zeigler and Steve Adams along with Woodall being enough for Pitt to get back to the NCAA tournament this coming season?

Jerry Micco: I think Pitt will make the tournament this season. Last season, to me, was an anomaly. Now, I don't know how far they will go, I think they have some work to do, but I think those additions as well as some holdovers, make them an NCAA-worthy team.

James_Pittsburgh: I think that Morton should go to the bullpen, however I see Hunington and Hurdle putting Correia in the bullpen. what do you think Jerry?

Jerry Micco: I think they should look at sending Morton to AAA to work on his sinker, which at one time about a year ago, was baffling a lot of hitters. He needs work as a starter and not out of the bullpen. Sinkerball pitchers pitch better when they are tired. so the bullpen is not always the best place for them. I could see Correia, however, going to the pen as a long guy and a spot starter should Lincoln go into the rotation.

Mark from NY: saw a picture of steve mclendon the there day along with reports that he now weighs 325. he is huge! can't help thinking this is not from gator-aid and power bars. any thoughts?

Jerry Micco: I'm thinking more from pizza and pasta. Can't really say much else.

James_Pittsburgh: Jerry, I wouldn't even put Morton on the list. He won't fetch much.

Jerry Micco: That's my point. Pirates fans would love to see them deal Morton or Correia for a big bat, but they won't fetch much. The other pitchers I mentioned would fetch a lot, but what do you give up if you trade them? I'd think Burnett or Bedard could get you something, but again, I see them as a notch above Morton and Correia.

James_Pittsburgh: I would like to see the Pirates trade Hanrahan and someone else for the best outfielder available(except McDonald and Cole). To me it doesn't matter if the trade is made in June, July, or the offseason. I feel that adding a bat for Hanrahan and Jeff Locke or another minor leaguer would give them a team that would have a chance at over .500 for the next three seasons. Or maybe trading Hanrahan and Erik Bedard for an outfielder at the deadline is the way to go.

Jerry Micco: if you can find a team willing to part with a power-hitting corner outfielder for a closer and a minor-league starter who I don't think will blow anyone away, then they should do it. The question is, who will give that player up? even the Red Sox now are saying they won't trade Kevin Youkilis even though he's on the bench right now. Power hitters are like power pitchers: tough to give up on.

Mark from NY: here's a safer question, who starts next to timmons, foote or sylvester?

Jerry Micco: I'd say Larry Foote by an easy margin. He's capable of starting and has done so here in the past.

First Published may 30, 2012 1:59 pm

Jerry Micco's sports chat transcript: 5.30.12

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