Jerome Simpson flips Bengals into huge halftime lead

Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson may have scored the touchdown of the season on Sunday.

In a play that will be shown on highlight reels for years to come, Simpson leaped over Cardinals defender Daryl Washington, completed a full flip, and stuck his landing in the end zone. ┬áHere’s a clip of the play.

That score put the Bengals up 17-0. they extended the lead to 20-0 by halftime.

The Bengals defense from the early part of the year showed up for this game. they have three sacks and two interceptions in the first half.

Cincinnati has been one of the most surprising stories of the season. Barring the most insane Cardinals comeback yet, it looks like they’ll enter Week 17 very much alive for a playoff berth.

(Photo courtesy of Clay Travis on Twitter.)

Jerome Simpson flips Bengals into huge halftime lead

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