Jacksonville Jaguars’ Decision To Release David Garrard Good for Blaine Gabbert?

At This Point it’s Rookie Blaine Gabbert, or Josh McCown in Jacksonville

For those that have seen David Garrard play through the years, it’s not completely surprising that the Jacksonville Jaguars released him.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Garrard was released earlier on Tuesday afternoon, thus sparking the debate-Blaine Gabbert or Luke McCown?

Well, Luke McCown has been in pro football since 2004, but he’s never played in any more than five games in an entire season.

And his best year came in 2007 when he started five games for Tampa Bay, throwing for just over 1,000 yards with five TDs to three picks.

Since then, he’s only played in six games, and has backed David Garrard for the previous two.

Well the Jaguars clearly had something in mind back during the 2011 NFL Draft.

There, they drafted QB Blaine Gabbert out of Missouri and apparently had planned for a future without David Garrard.

So how will things play out in Jacksonville?

Well currently it appears that Luke McCown is slated to be the Week 1 starter, which comes as a surprise based on his lack of play despite NFL experience.

Chances are no matter how many starts the Luke McCown receives this season, once Blaine Gabbert gets the call, he’ll be the definite starter.

That being said, the Jags’ do have a vested interest in McCown being that he’s been behind Garrard since 2009.

Then after drafting Gabbert, they felt that David Garrard was of no service to them.

This puts McCown is a peculiar position as well, because now he’s going to be partially responsible for the develop of the rookie.

And that is a position that McCown has never been in, which makes it most interesting.

All this said, McCown should be on a short leash, because Gabbert is the one with much more potential and obviously, a better upside.

So how about an over/under prediction on how long McCown lasts as a starter?

We’re going to go with over/under 2.5 games?

I say under, and Gabbert gets the nod after game two, and is the Week 3 starter when Jacksonville travels to Carolina.

It’s a good first game for Blaine to earn the start as the Panthers don’t have a stellar defense, and in addition, he gets some much needed mental work in watching McCown through the first two games.

Those two games will also act as McCown’s audition for the starting role all season.

Of course, if he plays well then he’ll go more three or more games, but with his track record, don’t expect McCown being under center for very long.

In the end Blaine Gabbert is the man for Jacksonville, the only question remaining is when they decide to give him the green light.

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Jacksonville Jaguars’ Decision To Release David Garrard Good for Blaine Gabbert?

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