Is Maria Sharapova going to be the next Anna Kournikova?

In other words…how long before Sharapova ends up in an Enrique Iglesias video?

dude youre an idiot… maria sharapova is already acomplished a billion times more in tennis than anna couldve ever hoped for not to mention the fact that shes only 17 and enrique is 35 you really should do some learning before you ask questions

(…)"I set my priorities really straight," 19-year-old Sharapova said.
"Number one is tennis. Numbers two and three and four and five are all the other things that I have to do — nothing gets in the way of my tennis," the fourth seed insisted. "I schedule my practices first. I have a calendar with all my tournaments. Based on what days I have out, what weeks I can take off and do my shoots, that's how I do them."
I guess she is a smart girl who can learn from the mistakes her fellow russian tennis players made.


Anna can't carry Maria's tennis shoes,Maria is a great tennis player,Anna is barely decent.

What kind of question is that??? are you serious???? Sharapova is already a grand slam champion (Wimbledon 2004), and has been ranked #1 in the world, and in contention to win this year's Wimbledon. Anna barely made the top 10, and never won a singles tournament. I don't Maria has anything to worry about, she just as pretty as Anna and a TOP FLIGHT tennis player. Anna is not even on the same planet as Maria…..she is quoted as saying "Tennis is My #1 priority right now"

It won't take too long. I think though she has a little more substance and a lot more sense.

That's not going to happen. Yes she is very good looking, but she has actually accomplished things in her tennis career.

Only in your dreams…Go Maria!

Is Maria Sharapova going to be the next Anna Kournikova?

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