Is Comcast blocking a huge range of ports : In the news.

I've had Comcast for 6 months now, and for the first 5 months — everything was decent. I also had the same IP address for those 5 months. recently, we had an outage, my IP address changed, and things have been acting kind of weird. before the outage, when I was downloading a Knoppix ISO (linux) via torrent, I could hit upwards of 800Kbs (though — I cut that down significantly when I saw it). now, I can't hit over 50Kbs on anything — it's usually between 0.2 Kbs and 10Kbs — even on the well-seeded Knoppix ISO. this has been going on ever since the outage, and despite opening several different ports on my router to try & hit something that worked — every port I've tried appears to be closed.

the only way to get decent speeds via torrent is to run my connection through a VPN, and while I don't download things in this capacity that often — they're usually big files (4GB+)… and I don't want to abuse the VPN server.

Today I downloaded a port-scanning tool & I can't find an open port via my IP address in the higher regions (6000+). In fact, the only thing that I see is open is port 80.

is this normal now? things worked fine before my IP address changed, but this is annoying that it'll take days to download a file that should take a few hours.

Any help/insight would be great.

I know awhile ago they were throttling people downloading through torrents but the FTC deemed it illegal and told them to stop. so, you are either being throttled for that or you are going over their 200gb/month plan. Not sure how much you download but if you are downloading excessive amounts then cut back for a month or two. also, comcast could be experiencing large number of people in that area using lots of bandwidth so they are throttling everyone on that node…which they have the right to do according to their policies.

EDIT: should say you should look into Usenet. it costs money but well worth it. also, try using SSL when downloading. Usenet has this option and no slow downs

if the case is what junior said, use utorrent and set it to use random ports on start up, and get peerguardian and you'll be safe from most anti-P2P orginizations

You said your IP address changed, and you might get your IP address reset.

unless you are paying for a fixed IP address, I am surprised you were able to keep the same IP address for 5 months. And I doubt you will get your old IP address back.

But you say you are in a commercial district, it could be that within that district they assigned a range of IP addresses that are fixed as businesses need fixed addresses, and you were lucky. But if they determined you were not paying for a fixed IP address they might have reallocated you to another IP address pool to free up the IP address for the business district. Bizarre, but people do strange things to make the all the numbers look neat.

it might have been that the IP address you now have was formerly assigned to someone who abused the priviledge of having an Internet account and they locked it down, so you will have to contact Comcast to settle it.

if there are node problems I would think all the others physically connected to the node would be complaining – or have already and you're the odd man out.

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Is Comcast blocking a huge range of ports : In the news.

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