iPod Touch Version 2 – Giving an Improved iPod Touch Experience

The second edition of the famous iPod Touch surpasses its forerunner when it comes to almost every aspect of the gadget’s physical assets. The second version features a more slender, more lightweight, and more functional design. Better changes have been added to the second version, like the control buttons for volume, complete incorporation of Nike+ and an integrated loudspeaker.

The additional buttons meant for controlling the volume are very practical, especially when it comes to some apps that don’t feature lower volume slider on the gadget’s screen. So when you plug in your earphones to your iPod, you don’t have to worry about busting your eardrums since you can now adjust the volume easily.

Another cool additional element to the iPod Touch version 2 is the built-in speaker. With this feature, you don’t have to share your earphones with other people every time you want to show off a video or song. The volume of the speaker is enough to make you move to a song or watch a video without having to use your earphones. it is only a problem when you’re sitting beside someone who doesn’t want to listen to what you are playing and vice versa.

The new iPod Touch v.2 also comes in a new attractive shape. The casing is in shiny chrome so this means you have to be careful where to put it if you want to maintain its shiny, sophisticated look. this newer version of iPod Touch looks a lot like the iPhone 3G, especially when it comes to the screen. The yellow hint is also present, which is more preferable to the bluish screen of the older version. Those who already own an iPod Touch may not be too eager to ditch their older unit but those who have been considering of buying one have better reasons to do it right now.

iPod Touch Version 2 – Giving an Improved iPod Touch Experience

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