iPhone os 4.0 release & iPhone os 4.0 features: Apple iOS 4 enhances iPhone …

The verdict is out and experts are unanimous that Apple iOS 4 enhances iPhone smart phone. iPhone os 4.0 release & iPhone os 4.0 features

Apple has hit two new products into the tech-market this week; an advanced new iteration of its iPhone and an upgrade of its iPhone operating system. As promised, Apple allowed free downloads of its new iPhone OS, iOS4 on June 21, and iPhone 4 handset on June 24.

Both the new products from Apple are said to be gigantic in delivering best quality. Apple has merged up a number of new features with its new version of iPhone including an advanced camera, a front facing camera, a highly-performing microprocessor, long living battery, a Retina Display and so on.

So like, iOS 4 also highlights several magic features, for example multitasking, a unified inbox, capability to support various much-requested apps for video chatting and e-reading. in simple words, an iPhone 4, installed with iOS 4 will undoubtedly be a game changing iPhone.

Other than iPhones, iOS 4 will support on Apple’s other products such as iPod and iPod Touch. An iPad version of iOS 4 will soon be rolled out, Apple said.

But iOS 4 will not run on 2007 models of iPhone and first iPod devices. that means the new iPhone software from Apple will play on all advanced hardware devices. the new software is free for all those devices that support it.

iOS 3 can be installed from iTunes only. a user can access the site on his/her computer and click on Check for Updates. Installation process of the software will take almost 20 minutes. the file of iOS 4 weighs almost 300 megabytes for iPod and 400 megabytes for iPhones.

iPhone os 4.0 release & iPhone os 4.0 features: Apple iOS 4 enhances iPhone …

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