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If you’re like most people, you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of the brand-spankin-new Apple iPhone, set to hit stores June 29, 2007. ok, even if you’re happy with your Motorola Razr, you can’t help but wonder what Apple’s newest baby is going to look like and if it’ll even let you download the best mobile ring tones.

Many Americans and cell-phone users worldwide are scrambling to get their hands on new information regarding iPhone’s capabilities and features. the phone is expected to be sold for $499 and $599, depending on which model you’re interested in. what else can you expect from this snazzy new phone?

oNo need for buttons-the iPhone has a touch-tone screen to make your life easier. Think of it as an amped-up widescreen iPod that can call people.

oThe Apple iPhone incorporates media and wireless Internet into its communication scheme.

oThe iPhone is supposed to be incredibly lightweight and sleek.

oIntelligent keyboard-this feature allows iPhone holders to send messages effortlessly without typing one too many letters or making a lot of mistakes.

oFeatures a 2-megapixel camera and advanced photo management applications

oAllows owners to upload images from PC’s or Mac’s.

oVisual Voicemail-Actually flip through your voicemail box on your screen, instead of listening through those 5 messages from your overbearing grandmother. Listen later Get to the important message from your boss.

oAmbient light sensor-adjusts depending on how bright the room is or isn’t, saving power.

oFeatures AT&T wireless service, Rollover minutes, & more.

oBluetooth Headset available

There is wild speculation circulating the Net regarding Apple iPhone’s downloadable ringtone capabilities. like the iPod, many feel Apple will only provide ringtones through iTunes. However, some feel they will expand their horizons a little and open their usual Apple-access only doors to other ringtone providers.

In any case, for those of you who aren’t into this new contraption or who already love your cell phone service provider, 6StarReviews.com discovered DadaMobile in their cell phone ring tone reviews. they offer downloadable ringtones for over 10 service providers, including AT&T, so it looks like the iPhone would be compatible if Apple gives the go-ahead. Ring tone downloads can be found for virtually all music genres, from country to 3 Days Grace’s I hate everything About You, specially chosen for your ex’s phone calls. happy listening

iPhone – News You Can Use

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