iPhone: Killer or Winner

The iPhone launch last year was a revolutionary launch in the mobile industry or should I say smart phone market. The phone’s interface changed the people’s way of operating, thinking and working on the mobile handheld device. obviously there were many attempts of the other competitors of Apple to build the best alternative of the iPhone.

So there were many news & rumors speculating about the upcoming iPhone killers. many of the biggies tried every trick in the kitty bag. but nothing was as good enough as the iPhone. The term iPhone killer associated with those phones, itself tells the story that how badly they wanted to beat it.

But seems like the tables are turning the other way round , with HTC & Nokia announcing their latest offerings. with a better camera & lots of more features than that of an iPhone has to offer. The HTC diamond has a great GUI along with the famous Microsoft Windows Mobile O.S . The next HTC dream AKA Google’s first android consumer. Nokia is also banking on their N96 with a mega launch.

The N96 has almost everything that an iPhone has, plus it can support up to 48 GB of memory & a 5 mega pixel camera, a built in motion sensor 3G, WLAN, GPS navigation, Mobile TV & lots more. Its just a matter of few days & sony-ericsson will be launching their first ever windows based mobile phone, the XperiaX1.

Its high time for the manufacturers to rethink about their consumer policies. Firstly they should allow consumers to unlock their phones so that they can use it for any and all carriers, since not everyone would like to shift their carrier just to use a new phone. along with the carrier restrictions, there are other similar cons such as Bluetooth sharing limitations and the pricing is the major concern, also the 2 mega pixel camera is just not worth the price.

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iPhone: Killer or Winner

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