iPhone 5 screen size – is bigger better?

The Apple iPhone 5 phone is rumoured for release this Autumn. As the Android smartphone market continually pushes larger screens into their premium handsets, will Apple follow suit with their most anticipated release so far? We examine the case for and against a larger Apple iPhone 5 screen size.

Apple fans are screaming out for a bigger iPhone 5 screen size. across the evolution of iPhones, Apple have maintained a 3.5 inch display in all their models. whilst 3.5 inches was a plentiful size for a smartphone screen back in 2008, our needs and day to day smartphone usage have evolved. with faster internet connections and greater internal storage, we can stream and download more video content than ever. Video content always looks better on a bigger screen and if Apple want to promote their entertainment features over a premium Android device, they need to expand their screen size.

A bigger iPhone 5 screen size doesn’t have to mean a larger smartphone. The iPhone 5’s biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3 amazes Android enthusiasts with its 4.8 inch display; some 1.3 inches larger than the Apple iPhone 4S. despite the half an inch increase from S2 to S3, Samsung have been able to minimise the changes in handset size by reducing the surrounding bezel and introducing a curved design.

The rumour mill suggests the Apple iPhone 5 screen size will be up to 4 inches length. This would be achieved through a change in screen aspect ratio. The current iPhone range with a 640 x 960 Retina display operates with a 3:2 aspect ratio; the comparison of width to height in a display. if the new iPhone 5 screen size utilised a 16:9 aspect ratio, it would operate with the same ratio as televisions. This would mean the iPhone 5 could function with a larger display, without a major increase in the dimensions of the handset.

The Apple iPhone 5 has traditionally kept a 3.5 inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio. part of Apple’s success is due to the consistency of their Apple devices. As loyal Apple fan’s transition from one generation handset to the next, they want to be able to keep using their beloved apps.

As an App Store that surpassed 25 billion downloads in March 2012, applications are a big deal. a change in screen aspect ratio will make all previous app downloads out of proportion with the screen display. This could be a nightmare for iOS app developers who work tirelessly to optimise their apps. The redevelopment costs to correct this change could be huge.

We’ve already been treated to a teaser of iOS 6 updates from WWDC which state the latest software will be officially released for Autumn. Expect this date to coincide with the new Apple iPhone 5 release date. The iOS 6 features demonstrated so far, show great things for Apple’s flagship phone for 2012.

As iPhone hardware news is kept well under wraps, it’s hard to say whether Apple will release a smartphone with a bigger display. The pressure and expectation is there for Apple to increase display size but at the same time there’s a whole host of new problems to encounter should Apple make the transition.

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iPhone 5 screen size – is bigger better?

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