iPhone 5, release date queries top Google smartphone search

Article by: Carlo Raphael Diokno.

Android grabs the majority of US smartphone market share, but the long-rumored iPhone 5 topped this year’s Google search rankings according to the company’s Zeitgeist 2011.

Google revealed on Thursday that the iPhone 5, and “iPhone 5 release” topped this year’s smartphone query, in fact, the iPhone 5 is the “only smartphone” in the top 10 most searched this year.

Apparently, Apple disappointed its fans after announcing the iPhone 4S, a modified iPhone 4 with the dual-core A5 chip and 8-megapixel camera, but with the same design, screen size and name with the additional “S.”

According to Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 list, the iPhone 5 query rose 1,658% between the year 2010 and 2011, and grabbed the highest point during the week of September 25, 2011, the week before the iPhone 4S announcement. Google also revealed that search engine users prefer the iPhone 5 than the iPhone 4. The company explained, “searches for the nonexistent phone outnumbered those for the device that was actually released, the iPhone 4s.”

The iPhone 4 search query also increased this year, while the new iOS 5, the latest and greatest smartphone operating system of Apple also generated search query with 9% rising search, while the iPhone 5 release date query topped the Apple search drama with 21 percent.

Google also outed the countries that searched for the iPhone 5. Surprisingly, Lebanon is the top iPhone 5 searcher, followed by Singapore, Uzbekistan and Cambodia. United States grabbed the 8th spot, while United Kingdom Google users also searched the long-rumored iPhone and grabbed the 6th place.

The iPhone 5, according to the rumor mill, might arrive next year adding that it may follow the iPhone 4S October launch pattern. Rumors are also adding that the iPhone 5 will offer new design, new features and the inclusion of the enhanced SIRI voice command feature which is the “best feature” of the iPhone 4S according to multiple surveys.

The iPhone 5 search will continue to grow largely due to the fact that the device isn’t available yet, and rumors continue to circulate online. can the iPhone 5 maintain its search market share next year?

iPhone 5, release date queries top Google smartphone search

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