iPhone 4S Vs The iPhone 4 – What Is Different?

Right up until the 11th hour, most commentators in the industry thought that Apple was going to launch a complete redesign of the iPhone 4 on October 4th. There were a couple of signs pointing that way. Firstly there was the unusual timing of the iPhone announcement (October rather than the traditional early summer announcement). The long gap supposedly showed that a completely new redesign was under way. Then there was the imminent launch of iOS 5, an all-new operating system for iPhones. Surely an all-new iPhone would launch with the all-new operating system?

Apple disproved all those rumours by announcing the iPhone 4S. Just like the 3GS compared to the 3G, the iPhone 4S is a step-change from the 4, and looks almost identical.

What has changed on the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4?

Superficially, it looks as though most of the hardware on the iPhone 4S is the same as on the original 4. they have almost exactly the same dimensions and weight, and both have a screen size of 3.5 inches. Both also have an angular design, with one simple home button on the front of the phone.

However, if you look a bit closer, you’ll see that the iPhone 4S has a whole lot more under the hood than the iPhone 4. first off, check out the A5 dual core processor on the 4S. Apple claim that this will make web pages load up to five times faster than on the current iPhone 4 – an impressive improvement and all that processing power carries over into other areas too – so apps will download, install and load faster, and navigation will feel even more responsive than on the iPhone 4.

There is also a vast improvement in the camera technology that Apple has packed into the iPhone 4S compared to the 4. Historically, Apple have been dragging behind other smartphone companies such as Samsung when it comes to top class camera tech. this is no longer the case with the iPhone 4S. with 5 elements to the lens instead of 4, Apple allow more light to be let into the lens, so that photos looks fabulous even at low light levels. they upgraded their resolution to 8MP instead of 5, and added touch-focus and zero lag photo capture, so that your photo takes exactly when you press the shutter button.

Apple have also made vast improvements to the iPhone 4S when it comes to video recording too, capturing even more detail with 1080p HD capture instead of the 780p found on the iPhone 4. The 4S also has video stabilisation, which the original didn’t – so hand-held videos are automatically corrected for the minor jumps and jiggles that have plagued would-be film-makers when shooting on their iPhone.

All-new Software

Whilst Apple’s new iOS 5 is set to be available for the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S, there are a few features that you will only be able to find on the 4S.

Most notable is Siri, the Voice controlled command centre that turns your iPhone into a personal secretary. Although voice activated dialling is nothing new for a smartphone, Siri is a little bit different. Using all the power of the iPhone 4S’s A5 processor, it takes what you tell it, and uses a complex set of algorithms to open the relevant apps to carry out the task. if you believe the promotional video, all you need do is say do i need an umbrella? for the iPhone 4S to be able to answer It will be sunny today. you can even use the voice commands to move scheduled meetings and send text messages. The iPhone 4S just got a whole lot more commuter-friendly

That’s it in terms of significant differences between the iPhone 4S and the 4 Although the list may look short, when you actually use the iPhone 4S these few features are bound to make a noticeable difference. It hasn’t stopped 1 million people from pre-ordering the iPhone 4S – and nor should it. The iPhone 4S is an admirable smartphone with some great features – you can do a lot worse

iPhone 4S Vs The iPhone 4 – What Is Different?

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