iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 Have Fun Answering ‘Who’s the Best Smartphone?’

It looks like the iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 900 have some mutual respect for one another, according to tests users have conducted asking each phone what the best smartphone ever is.

Friday morning, an enterprising iPhone 4S owner asked Siri, “What’s the best cell phone ever?” The answer? According to Wolfram Alpha, the source of the query results, it’s the Nokia Lumia 900 — in the bright blue Cyan hue.

Conversely, when you ask basically the same query on the Nokia Lumia 900 using Microsoft’s TellMe service and Bing, it tells you that the iPhone is still the best phone to buy. here, it just does a simple Bing web search to get the answer.

The 4S’ results aren’t quite so straightforward. like I mentioned before, the iPhone 4S results are sourced from Wolfram Alpha. And in this case, Wolfram Alpha gets its results from Best Buy. If you organize cell phones with data plans by “highest rated,” there are at least 15 five-star rated handsets, including the Nokia Lumia 900, the 64 GB iPhone 4S in white, and the HTC Trophy in Black.

Unfortunately, Gadget Lab’s own tests with this and similar queries on the iPhone 4S didn’t yield the same results as those receieved by an international user at WMPoweruser. we got a handful of varying results:

What’s the best smartphone?I think you’ve already answered that question.

What is the best smartphone ever?(Here it took us to three Yelp results for businesses with Smart and Phone in their name.)

Is the lumia 900 the best smartphone ever?(Here it wanted to direct us to a web search.)

What’s the best phone?You’re kidding right?

Is the Nokia Lumia the best smartphone?Wait… there are other phones?

Obviously, the fact that these two phones offer differing, complementary results to similar queries doesn’t mean anything at all — it’s merely an amusing facet of search and SEO algorithms.

iPhone 4S and Lumia 900 Have Fun Answering ‘Who’s the Best Smartphone?’

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