iPhone 4 – Two Apps Every College Student Should Have

There are a few essentials that are necessary when it comes to surviving your college career. College is unique because it is a time in your life when you are trying to be serious and do the right thing for your future, but all you are tempted by is parties and having fun Here is a list of a few apps that can help you balance this unbalanced lifestyle out.

First of all, every college student should have an iPhone. the iPhone model is not as important because apps can be downloaded all of the models. the iPhone can act as your connection to home (via phone calls), a device to send emails to your professors, a weather instrument and even keep you updated on your friend’s latest Facebook updates. Once you have an iPhone, be sure to fill it with these apps.

Ajax Bartender App

This is one app that will help you makes the days of partying a little easier and it will also let you show off in front of your friends. This app has become so popular because it is the ultimate resource for those in charge of bartending efforts. the app claims that it puts over 40,000 drink recipes at the fingertips of users. now how does one sort through all of these recipes to find the one that someone just ordered? This app allows you to enter and ingredient or however many you want and then it shows you all the recipes that include those ingredients Don’t go to another college party without this app on your iPhone.

The Belfry SciCalc App

Let’s switch gears and focus on the real reason you’re attending college – to get an education. There is no doubt that the majority of college classes pack rigorous a workload into your life. while it’s not ideal, there are actually apps that can make your class work easier. the Belfry SciCalc is a wonderful example of this kind of app. This app will be your best friend if you ever find yourself in a challenging math class.

The Belfry SciCalc can actually replace that huge, fancy calculator that your professor made you buy for over $100. It is a scientific programming calculator with the ability to solve thousands of different mathematical equations. It’s rare for this calculator to meet a problem that it can’t handle. Take a load off (literally) by downloading this app and taking your iPhone to your next math class instead of a calculator.

iPhone 4 – Two Apps Every College Student Should Have

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