iPhone 4 Insurance News: The Coming Of The New iPhone Nano?

A new iPhone is rumored to be released in the market soon and no, it is not the iPhone 5. rather it’s the new iPhone Nano. Rumor has it that the new iPhone Nano would be one-third smaller than the regular iPhone and would be a lot cheaper than the current one we are using now. It’s also a versatile smart phone as consumers may use the iPhone Nano with any network with its universal sim card slot.

However, there are no official statements yet from the manufacturers up to this date about the release of the said iPhone Nano. but if ever these rumors are true, we will soon find out anytime soon. It will be a huge opportunity to reach out to a wide population in society who have long been aspiring to have that iPhone experience. Considered as the best Mobile Device for 2011, the iPhone 4 has proven its worth to be the market’s most sought after smart phone. With integrated features and stylish yet sophisticated exterior design, anybody would just want to have their hands on the iPhone Nano as it is expected to be more affordable compared to other iPhone generations.

The question is, with a smaller, cheaper iPhone on its way, will the system and features be just as great as the current iPhone? will there be a GPS tool with the iPhone Nano? a secondary camera with LED flash as well? These are some questions we are very eager to find out.

Whatever will be in store for us with the iPhone Nano, I believe it will still be technology at its best. And hopefully, more features will be added that will answer all comments and suggestions from iPhone enthusiasts around the world. the only sure thing is, having iPhone insurance to protect it from many notorious mishaps that happens to existing iPhones is a great idea. Your iPhone can surely go a long way with the security that an iPhone insurance coverage will give you.

Having your phone safeguarded with iPhone insurance, you can protect your device against theft, fire, natural disasters, power surge due to lightning and other accidental damages such as drops, screen cracks and liquid spills. It will be the handiest accessory you can get for your smart phone. Don’t forget that you can also get a 90 day International coverage where your phone can still be protected even if you are outside the UK.

I’m sure that your trips will be worthwhile with it. Remember that the safety of your iPhone will also grant you assurance that’s truly rewarding compared to anything else. so until we see this next generation iPhone Nano, I’m sure we’ll all agree that it’s important to protect the current one we are using in preparation for the next version coming hopefully, this year.

iPhone 4 Insurance News: The Coming Of The New iPhone Nano?

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