iPhone 4, 4S Color Change: 3 Mistakes You Can Avoid

The iPhone 4 is black or white.

So you decide to take it out into the night and find someone to change the color, if the price is right – but what else should you know? Chances are good you’re going to find an independent shop to change the color of your iPhone. We repair iPhones, iPods, and iPads. here are 3 mistakes you can avoid.

Mistake # 1: Should you pay extra for OEM parts?

NO First, what does OEM mean? It means Original Equipment Manufacturer. in other words, it means the parts were made by the company that made the original parts. what company would that be? Apple. do you know Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple?

We recently listened to the Steve Jobs biography. Steve would never allow any of his parts suppliers to sell parts to anyone but Apple.

Mistake # 2: Where are iPhones and iPhone parts made?

All iPhone parts are from mainland China. Don’t let anyone tell you their parts are made in the USA. We order our parts directly from China. after testing many suppliers, we have settled on one which provides parts just like the originals, down to the smallest detail. However, not all Chinese parts suppliers are as good. in our search for our current supplier, we were amazed at the bad fit of some of the parts from other Chinese suppliers.

The bottom line about parts?

The shop you pick should have an owner and / or technicians with iPhones, and one or more of these will have had the color changed, by changing the parts. Ask to handle one or more. Check for fit and finish by comparing those iPhones to your black or white iPhone. if you’re happy with the fit and finish, chances are good you’ll be happy with your phone after they change the parts. NOTE: if your iPhone is a Verizon phone, your color selection may be limited.

Mistake # 3: Don’t pre-buy your parts, and check out your technician.

It may be tempting to buy the parts on the Amazon or elsewhere. please don’t. you need for the shop that will change the parts to have responsibility for the whole show.

Please check out the shop that will be doing the work. Check Google Places, and yelp. The shop you use should be a 4 Star at either place. if they are 3 Star at one, but 4 Star at the other, you’re probably OK. It is extremely hard for small repair businesses to maintain ratings higher than this. Why? It is because there are enough people with other problems, running around in this society, who make it very difficult.

What should you do now?

iPhone 4, 4S Color Change: 3 Mistakes You Can Avoid

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