iPhone 3G Service Leaves Something to be Desired

Users have reported poor signal strength and dropped calls in many parts of the U.S. AT&T has reported that there is no significant network or connection problems however users are saying different. Early adopters have many times been the subject to initial device and network issues when it comes to cellular and data technology. It should be expected that devices will have some of these early release issues.

iPhone users have spoken out. The apple forums have been jam packed with phone frustrations. To tell you the truth I can’t even get into the forum at this time as it must be bogged down. The problems don’t only exist in the U.S. as users abroad are experiencing similar disturbances in service.

Luckily you can turn off your 3G network connection in the iPhone settings and this is exactly the advice Apple is giving. For those of us that want to continue use of the 3G network there are some things that can be done.

Boosting iPhone 3G signal strength

Apple Support Forum

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