Instructor teaches survival skills for the coming zombie apocalypse

How will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

That’s the question Jack Simons will answer during his Zombie Survival course next week.

Some zombies are lumbering idiots, others are fast and sneaky and some are the result of a Voodoo curse. When you’re face-to-face with creatures who feast on brains, it’s a good idea to know what you’re up against and how to fight back.

Simons owns the Springs Road Gun Club, and he’s also the club’s director of training. he teaches a wide range of skills including firearm and knife techniques and self-defense. this time, Simons will put his expertise to work teaching exactly what to do when the living dead rise among us.

“this course is designed to teach participants real-world survival techniques necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. To include choosing and setting up survival gear, first aid, equipment and firearms selection and group organization,” according to the club’s website.

Of course the same skill set would be useful in a natural disaster scenario like Hurricane Katrina – or any other catastrophic situation where help is distant and survival is up to you.

While there won’t be any shooting during the course – it’s being taught in Conover’s Holiday Inn – Simons will discuss his recommendations for defensive firearms. two of his favorite choices are the Mossberg 500 shotgun and the Glock 17 pistol.

His reasoning is simple: the Glock fires a common 9mm NATO round. the ammo is inexpensive and readily available. the pistol holds 17 rounds – compared to a revolver’s standard five or six rounds – and the pistol is designed to be durable and easy to maintain.

“the internal safeties make this one of the safest guns out there,” Simons said. “It’s practically indestructible.”

The Mossberg is an affordable workhorse that is endlessly customizable with extended collapsible stocks, flashlights, laser sights and just about anything else you’d like to add on.

Surviving the zombie apocalypse will take more than guns. during the course, Simons will address challenges like forming a group and how to divide labor among group members. one of the first specialists you’ll need is a scout – someone who can locate food, water and supplies without being spotted.

Here are some more questions Simons will address in the class:

Is it a better idea to barricade yourself in your house or to hit the road and hide out in the bush? What type of survival gear should you have on hand? What’s a bug-out bag and how do you make one? What’s the right choice of food? how do you store it and how much food should you have on hand? how do you find a supply of clean water? What about emergency shelters?

Simons said he got the idea for a Zombie survival class when his members requested zombie targets to shoot at in the range. during May, he hosted a weekly zombie target competition.

“Zombies are really popular right now, but we’re not going to teach anything that’s fairytale,” he said. “I think the zombie apocalypse is happening right now – not the living dead, but home invasions, robberies, burglaries – your survival techniques are essentially the same.”

Simons will teach real-world survival techniques leavened with the specter of the zombie myth.

“Our deadly force model is basically the same whether you’re dealing with a person or a zombie,” he said. “Center mass shots are best – head shots aren’t practical even though that’s what they show on TV.”

The class is three hours that can save your life while giving you a distinct advantage over those who never learned how to ward off a zombie attack.

Instructor teaches survival skills for the coming zombie apocalypse

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