Indonesian quake death toll rises to six

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 » 02:05pm

The death toll from a strong earthquake that struck central Indonesia at the weekend has risen to six, an official says, with rescuers reaching villages cut off by a landslide.

‘Six people have died, including a nine-year-old boy, and 43 are injured. More than 400 homes are now damaged,’ National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said on Tuesday.

‘There is still an area that we haven’t accessed, so we’ll send two helicopters there to distribute aid and assess the damage there. It’s possible the death toll could rise but we’re hoping for the best.’

The 6.3-magnitude quake struck the island of Sulawesi on Saturday evening at a depth of around 20 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said, close to villages in the districts of Parigi Moutong and Sigi.

Landslides had blocked access to 14 villages in surrounding districts and 300 soldiers and heavy equipment, including bulldozers, had been deployed to remove the debris, Sutopo said.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire where continental plates collide, causing frequent seismic and volcanic activity.

Indonesian quake death toll rises to six

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