Inception Review Buzz to Cool Down?

Inception review raves came fast and furious last week. But, the bulk of Inception review comments are still to come, as Inception reviews will soon arrive from major critics. The final countdown toward Christopher Nolan’s dreamscape is under way, as the first wide screenings are on midnight Friday. Soon, audiences and drooling fanboys will get to judge the hype and reality for themselves. But first, the Inception review scores to come in the next few days will either drive hype even further, or start to cool it off.

Over the weekend, the first few negative comments started to come in. Technically, the initial negative review came from Prairie Miller of News Blaze. however, the first bad Inception review on Rotten Tomatoes came from New York Magazine’s David Edelstein.

The head quote from Edelstein on Rotten Tomatoes states that, “I truly have no idea what so many people are raving about.” he goes on to say the movie is “clunky and confusing on four separate levels of reality.” Yet, Edelstein was also one of the few to pan The dark Knight, which discredits him to Nolan fans.

Still, this review may signal that the film might have a hard time winning new converts to Nolan’s flock. in addition, there is also a thumbs down on the Huffington Post from Michael Russnow, who calls it a “meandering morass of sometimes mishmash proportions.” But, the Huffington Post already posted a rave from Zorianna Kit days earlier.

It is obvious that the Inception review ratings will be knocked down by at least a few haters. Yet, given the insanely high ratings early on, even the less-than-perfect scores may seem negative too. Entertainment Weekly’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gives it a B+; she questions whether the emotional flaws will hold it back on multiple viewings. however, the associated Press gave it a perfect four-star rating last night.

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