In Laconia, Gingrich begins final push for N.H. Primary votes, says he’ll be ‘paycheck president’

LACONIA — In a room jammed with media and security, former Speaker of the U.S. House and GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich told nearly 100 people at the historic Belknap Mill Wednesday that he would create a “dynamic society” should he be elected president.

Gingrich surged to the top of the Republican polls after a solid showing in an earlier series of televised debates put faded to a poor fourth place showing in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses. since emerging as a serious threat to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s status as the perceived front-runner in the race he has been the subject of a barrage of television attack ads produced and paid for by a “supper pac” run by Romney associates.

In Laconia, Gingrich said he would incentivize Americans by limiting regulations and laws that inhibit innovation and productivity.

Concentrating most of his criticism on President Barack Obama, not Romney, Gingrich said he is Adam Smith as compared to Obama being Saul Alinsky.

Adam Smith, the 18th Century author of the “Wealth of Nations” is considered by some to be the father of modern-day capitalism, while Alinsky — the author of “Rules for Radicals” — is considered by many to be the father of modern-day community organizing.

Gingrich said if elected he would reinvigorate the “supply-side” economic theory that he credits with bringing the United States out of the economic malaise that ended in the early 1980s, after Ronald Reagan assumed office.

A junior congressman at the time, he said he is the person to govern because he was able to work as a Republican with a U.S. Congress lead by Massachusetts Democrat and long-time Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’Neil.

Gingrich’s three-point plan would reduce the capital gains tax to zero percent, lower the corporate tax rate from 35-percent to 12.5-percent and allow companies to expense capital purchases at 100-percent per year to keep America on the cutting edge of procuring new equipment.

He said, if elected, he would also ask the current Congress to repeal two pieces of legislation: Sarbanes-Oxley, that was passed as a response to the Enron meltdown and Dodd-Frank legislation that was signed by Obama in 2010 and purports to improve consumer protections and reign in Wall Street abuses.

“I would rehire none of the people from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),” he said to applause and cheers.

Gingrich also said he believes he could go into any neighborhood in the country and the people there will pick a pay check over food stamps.

“Obama is the best food stamp president, and I want to be the best pay check president,” he said.

As to Romney, Gingrich described himself as a true conservative and Romneyas the former moderate governor of a liberal Massachusetts.

He said he would be the better man to challenge Obama in the presidential race because Obama would have a billion dollars to spend and all of it would be spent negatively “because he has nothing positive to say.”

“This will come to a straight-out fight,” said Gingrich about the upcoming race for president, adding Romney is not the person who can “look Obama in the eye and tell him he is wrong.”

Gingrich will be at the Inn at Church Landing in Meredith tonight at 7 p.m. while Romney is scheduled to appear in Laconia on Friday night; his campaign had not announced a venue as of last evening.

In Laconia, Gingrich begins final push for N.H. Primary votes, says he’ll be ‘paycheck president’

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