Improve Video Quality on Your Apple Devices and Android Smartphone

Apple users are increasing worldwide; an estimated 365 million and counting users hooked on to Apple products. these products include iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. there are Android users who are 350+ million, this means that almost everyone is using hi-end camera phone for shooting videos. however, more than often it so happens that the user is not able to achieve the desired video quality. The video camera is not where the trouble is entirely; sometime it is about the manner in which the video is shot. The other times it is about improving the quality and adding enhancements to make the video shooting experience good. let us now find it out how utilizing different tools it is possible to shoot professional like video through your Smartphone.

Initially it is all about steady camera point and improving the sound quality that contributes a lot towards a good video capture. there are tools and software to help you achieve desired video quality using your Smartphone camera. let us find out how to do it and what tools are required.

Stabilizing Tools

Smartphone: The most important aspect of shooting video is about holding the gadget steady or keeping it on a stationary platform. For this purpose, you need to find a stand or a tripod to hold your camera phone steady. For example, you can use a portable tripod that includes bandages to hold your gadget in place. This way you will be easily able to place your gadget in a desired position for capturing a specific angle. Place it on a chair or a table or bend it backwards. Joby’s Gorillabomible ($40) and Studio neat Glif ($20) are a good choice. Another thing to remember is to purchase a bracket to secure the device properly, for this; you can use L-bracket that is also supportive of a light fixture.

iPad: If you are an iPad user and want to shoot a video then using a microphone stand is a good idea. For this, you can use iKlip ($40). This will enable in stabilizing the device and giving you the freedom to turn on more features as well. The HD video recording that you will be able to capture without blur will amaze you.

One thing that you must remember before recording video is to place the device horizontally. This way you will be able to capture the whole video.

Sound quality

It is not always that the sound that you have managed to capture using your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is good. Often the sound quality is bad but still there is a way to improve it. as much as the video quality is essential, the audio attached to it is important too. If you are using a good microphone then it is possible. you can use either of the options:

• Cable to connect mike
• Microphone
• Audio recording device

Let us find out the utility of these one by one.

Cable to connect mike: A cable is a good way to connect the mike to your iPad or iPhone. For your Apple device, you can use the mike connecting cables by Action Life Media ($29.99). you can also get XLR inputs that are capable of connecting to hi-end mikes.

Microphones: If you are on a look out for recording an interview or a chat session, then the best option is to get a microphone. you can use the same kind of microphone that you might have observed people wearing a small mike on their collar. these are not cheap but for a better audio, you need to shell out some bucks. you need not go for the high-end model of microphone but a little more like entry-level that will fulfill your purpose. you can get iRig Cast by IK Multimedia ($39.99). you can attach it to your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

One thing that you need to remember is, while recording the video the background should be noiseless. If you are attempting to record in a noisy environment then these microphones will not work well.

Audio recording device: This device is capable of holding microphones in place. you can plug in two microphones simultaneously. Another advantage of using an audio recorder is using the inbuilt microphones. This way if you want to record conversation or an interview in a quiet place you can hold the recorder right next to the person. however, the catch is that the audio is not directly recorded along with the video; you will have to edit the video and match the sound to it after completing the recording. you can use H1 by Zoon ($100) that comes along with an inbuilt mike and a mike input option.

If you are using Smartphone for recording then remember to enable the settings of your mobile device to Airplane Mode. This help you record uninterrupted without being disturbed in the middle of recording by an incoming call.

If you are using Apple devices then there are other options available for you.

Apps for Apple users

You can choose from numerous video apps that are appropriate and compatible to your Apple device.

Following are just a few of the many available:

Dolly Cam: This is available for $3. you can use it to record steady videos. Shoot whatever you like and when you are done use this app to process it and enhance the video quality.

Almost DSLR: This app is available for just $2. By using this app, you can easily focus on an object or a person, lock it and adjust accordingly. it contains tools that will help you shoot good video.

Clappers: A clapper app is available for $1.99, this will give you cue for the audio to help sync audio and video when you start editing. If you are on a look out for a more sophisticated app then you can use Movies late ($24.99). This includes the functionality of notepad and shot log.

Filmic Pro: The best way of shooting a video is to be able to adjust the exposure; this will help you shoot a better video quality. however, when it comes to Smartphone, you are hand-tied as all this is an automated process; to overcome this you can use the app by the name of FilmicPro. Adjust the exposure accordingly with light or dark light settings.

Using any of the above given options will help Android and Apple users record a good video along with audio quality.

Improve Video Quality on Your Apple Devices and Android Smartphone

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