If Yankees Win Again – Best Franchise in Sports?

I am pretty sure everyone has heard (My team is better then your team) before. It is pretty funny how a lot of people compare past season achievements, to current seasons success. as this article is being written, we are about 3 outs to the completion of the 2009 baseball season and one of America’s favorite and most hated teams is about to win. Again

Well here is a list of the best teams ever and why:

MLB = NY Yankees: with 26 world series wins (probably 27 by the time this article is finished), they are definitely baseballs best team ever. The 2nd most wins in MLB is by the St. Louis Cardinals (who would have thought), with 10.

NHL = Montreal Canadians ????: with 23 wins, they have almost twice as many wins as the next best team, but none in over 25+ years. Hockey has has so many different winners in the last 15 years, it hass been kind of hard to compare whos team is the best otherwise. that being said, the Detroit Red Wings have won more than the rest in the last 15 years and 11 total.

NBA = Los Angeles Lakers / Boston Celtics: with the Celtics having two more trophies then the Lakers (17 total), they take this one. The Lakers have been more of a consistent team and recent winner of their 15th trophy, so they definitely belong on this list, or at least right after the Celtics.

NFL = Green Bay Packers: A lot of people are going to argue that it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers, but we are counting all championships. Steelers may have won the most Superbowls (as of this year), but Packers have more championships combined.

This is a list of the major 4 sporting teams in North America (Should be just in the US, but there is a Canadian hockey team on this list). If anybody has a better team, then please do share.

If Yankees Win Again – Best Franchise in Sports?

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