If Twitter Is Not a Social Network Then What Is Twitter All About?

Most people considered Twitter as one of the best Social Networking sites in the Internet. The Internet world is in for one of the biggest surprises. Kevin Thau, Twitter’s VP for business and corporate development, announced during a presentation at Nokia World 2010 that the micro-blogging network Twitter is not actually a social network. Then the question arises, what is Twitter all about?

According to Kevin Thau says that Twitter is for News, Content and Information. Journalists and individuals are making use of Twitter to deliver news to the world immediately as it occurs as The guy who saw a plane land on the Hudson River right in front of him didn’t think to send an email, Twitter has become the vehicle for breaking news.

He also advises people who do not have an account to visit Twitter and consume the content. Millions of people other than the users read the tweets and retweets.

In fact people make use of Twitter for discussing politics, global news, and entertainment. Kanye’s apology to Taylor Swift was one of the most re-tweeted of all time.

Twitter is growing and 60% of the growth takes place outside the USA, mainly in Japan, Indonesia and Brazil. Today with the partnership with Nokia Twitter is reaching out to other emerging markets as well.

It is becoming more and more evident that the perception that Twitter is a Social Network is changing and Twitter is emerging as the source for global news and content. Whenever and wherever you are, you have to just click on Twitter to know what is happening in the international scene.

If Twitter Is Not a Social Network Then What Is Twitter All About?

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