I really want a Shiba Inu. (type of dog) How Can I convince my mom to let me have one.?

I already have a dog, 1 bird, 1 treefrog, and two guinea pigs. I really want a Shiba Inu. the charecteristics fit our house perfectly. How can I get my mom to let me get one?

Thanks for Answering!

We have a Shiba Inu.
They areintelligent and they are really sweet.
I hope you get one.
~ Keely Riffe.

Just say you will take care of it and you will take responsibility of it and then if she doesn't say yes beg her

Just make sure you're doing all yuo can to take care of your other pets the best you can and figure if you can really put the time in effort into another dog and still keep up with your other pets. I'm always for having a variety of animals myself!

Well do A LOTTA House work and chores. do a very thorough essay on shiba inus like visit some, look um up, and don't put :my mom won't let me have one in the small print.like extra credit or something. and it all depends what says when she answers your question: maybe=no, well see,=I am Thinking about but probably N-O, and straight out NO! you also have to pick great timing, like if she had a great time today what til' the end of the day you don't want ruined karma, it might be trying to tell you something. and DON'T ask her every day limit yourself no matter how much you want to like once or twice a week. OH ya all most forgot don't try to make dinner, it makes alotta dishes for her to wash , if you do make some box macaroni, and some boiled hot dogs she will appreciate the thought.

A shiba?? really? interesting choice. have you actually been around any shibas to see what they're all about? like, are you aware that they are a double coated breed that will blow coat twice a year and redecorate your home in dog hair? That they are intelligent, strong willed, stubborn little mischevious critters? That they can be very aloof, kind of like having a cat around? Not finding fault with your choice at all….I used to show shibas and still have my last champion old girl here at home. Just curious. but, as for trying to convince your mom….try and find a good breeder that has some puppies….in the 8-10 week old stage…..let her hold one of those little furbabies. there are few things cuter…. :O)

I really want a Shiba Inu. (type of dog) How Can I convince my mom to let me have one.?

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