I have very important news about the PS3!!?

I just read a news article on yahoo about the new markdown for the PS3. The new $100 markdown on the PS3 is only temporary because the 60GB version of the PS3 is being discontinued. once all of the 60GB versions sell out, the only ones available will be the 80GB version that will sell for $599. I already have a 60 GB PS3, but I just want to pass the word around. If you want a PS3, you better get one ASAP!!
Check out the link below if you doubt me.

Sony is denying rumors about the 60GB PS3 being discontinued, but they also denied rumors that there would be an 80 GB PS3, so we will have to see.

thankyou for the information but im pretty sure everyone that has a yahoo account knows so umm sorry but your information is kinda useless, not to be mean or anything.

the 80 GB "premium" is also comming with MotorStorm. its worth it only cause Motor Storm comes with

ps3s are awesome i think it is worth it

yea i already read it but i also got a ps3 when it came out so it all good but it a good thing someone spreading the word i did hear on E3 that the statement wasn't true at that the ps3 was going to continue to sell here in the u.s!!!!

I will not be running out buying anything like that untill im ready to roumers will always be out there

no1 wants a ps3. XBOX 360!

I have very important news about the PS3!!?

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