HTC Desire vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S – A Brief Comparison …

The smartphone market right now is primarily dominated by three devices – ’s Desire, Apple’s 4 and the . if you’re wondering where to invest your next few hundred dollars when looking for a new smartphone, here are some quick things to take into consideration when choosing between the three.

Ease of use is normally Apple’s strong side, and the 4 does have a very pleasant interface – but if you really want a good balance between functionality and eye candy, the Desire is the definite winner here with its Sense UI and the tons of customizations it offers. the ’s interface, while good-looking, really lacks in some areas of its functionality.

Apple takes the lead in terms of call quality, where the 4’s noise-cancelling microphone really makes a difference. decided to drop the accessory from their Desire, and as a result you should expect to get a bit less quality from your calls – which is also the case with the .

Last but not least, apps – we all know that Apple’s iTunes store offers a tremendous amount of different apps for their devices, but don’t forget that the is linked to the Android App market, which doesn’t really fall that far behind Apple in terms of variety. and since the uses the same market, there really isn’t much to discuss in its case.

Source: TechRadar

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HTC Desire vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S – A Brief Comparison …

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