How You Can Stop Your Xbox 360 Overheating and Save Your Xbox Today

The reason that I have written this article is to help people that are having overheating problems with their Xbox 360 consoles. If you are an owner of the 360 then you will have probably heard all the fuss about the Red Lights of Doom and how every console will eventually die on you.

The truth is that although there is a problem, because of all the news coverage and so on when people do actually have a problem with their Xbox 360 they presume the worst.

This article will give you some easy tips that you can try today that might just save your Xbox

You see all the red lights are caused by overheating and it is not really anything to do with where you put your console unless you have it in a display case or by a fire but more to do with the actual design of the machine.

Here are 3 things you can try today to fix your Xbox:

Firstly as mentioned above if you do keep it in a display case make sure you take it out of the case The Xbox gets hot enough already and will get too hot in a standard TV and video display case. even if you do keep the doors open it is far better to give the console it’s own space and this might well get rid of any overheating issues you may be having.

Secondly, a lot of people see the red lights on their Xbox and think the Xbox has died however it may be the power pack that is at fault. If you notice on the power pack it has some fans on either side that pump out air and if these get blocked with dust then it might well be the power pack overheating.

A good solution to this problem is to keep the actual power pack up off the floor and put it on an open box or something and that can really help as it will be able to pump out air on all sides.

Lastly, a good idea is to invest in a Nyko intercooler and these can be picked up quite cheaply and what they do is add extra cooling to the back of the 360. So instead of just one fan you will have 3 whizzing away and this definitely helps stop the problems.

There you have it 3 tips that can help you get rid of the Xbox 360 overheating problems and back to your games today

How You Can Stop Your Xbox 360 Overheating and Save Your Xbox Today

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