How to upgrade WordPress

Hello again, here is a quick tutorial on how to upgrade your WordPress version to the newest 2.6 version. This should most likely work for any WordPress version.

First Step: Backup your files

a. Copy your Wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes folders to a safe place. Some hosting companies have a backup tool which makes it easy.

b. Copy the additional files located generally in your root directory usually same directory as the folders listed above. There should be about 23 files listed in the root directory of your website that relate to WordPress. I just backed up the entire root directory.

Step 2. Download Wordpress 2.6

a. You can change the file name to .zip and open with a program like WinZip

b. Extract the file using a zip program onto your desktop or the My Documents folder. Whichever you prefer is fine

Step 3. Copy New WordPress files to root directory

a. I deleted the wp-admin and wp-includes folders in my root directory of my website then I copied the folders from the new WordPress folder that I unzipped on my desktop

*Note – Do not delete or overwrite your wp-config.php file as this contains your settings.

b. Copy all files from unzipped Wordpress folder up into your root directory of your website.  It will most likely ask you to overwrite the existing files which is what you want to do.  There is another config file that comes packaged with the dowload wp-config-sample.php.  You can choose to delete this after upload, leave it or not upload it at all. I just deleted it after I uploaded all the files.

Step 3. Copying the wp-content folder

a. You want to be careful not to just copy the entire folder up to your directory and overwrite any important files.  I opened the wp-content folder and copied the following:

wp-content/plugins/akismet folder

wp-content/themes/classic – I copied all files as I am using another theme

wp-content/themes/default – again I am using a different theme so I just copied all the contents over.

 Step 4. If needed update your Database

Once you log into wp-admin you may be asked to update your Database.  WordPress gives you an option and a big button to press to do this.

Presto, you should be all done.

Here are some helpful links to get you through.

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