How to tell how many kittens a cat will have by measuring her tummy or feeling it?

I want to be able to tell by her 7 week if possible. She is not fat so it will be easier to tell than a normally fat cat. about how big is the kitten and the sac together? How much space does it take up? and how to feel the kittens little bodies gently if possible to estimate how many kittens she will have. Please help me with at least one of them!!!!

A kitten in the sack will be around the size/shape of two gold balls, weighing much less. Cats can have a maximum of eight kittens at one time. if you think she has 8 check the front 2 nipples and see if they are progressing the same as the other 6 nipples.

I had a cat that only had litters of 4 or 5 kittens for years until she went for 8, that was the first time the front two nipples filled with milk.

And yes I took care of all of my own cats, never took them to the vets and most of them lived longer than most indoor cats do. in the country cats actually have a purpose other than pets, they hunt mice and birds. the truth is we need these micer cats to reproduce because the "city cat" had its hunting skills breed out of them.

You will get an answer from the vet but on the number of kittens will need an x-ray. How big the kittens you will have to wait. IF you start pushing on the momma's tummy you could damage one of the kitten. I know nothing about normal fat cats none of mine are fat. I can't tell by feeling a pregnant females tummy how many she will have. why is this so important that you have to ask twice.

1. how many an x-ray
2. size that would be determine by the genetics behind the cat and the male.
3. you never feel or push on the momma's tummy trying to count kittens.


I'm sorry the only answer you received was nasty, but they are right. Not even vets bother to feel for kittens anymore, they take an X-ray. Oh, and the kittens are probably about the size of a russet potato at birth.

You cant count them. you have to have an x ray done by your vet and thank you for not spaying and adding to the overwhelming kitten and cat population!

The vet will be able to count the kitten skeletons on an x-ray.

How to tell how many kittens a cat will have by measuring her tummy or feeling it?

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