How to Jailbreak iPod touch Using Absinthe 2.0

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iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 1:Download Absinthe for Mac from here, or for Windows here.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 2:Double click to extract the application from its zip folder and install Absinthe onto your Mac or PC.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 3:Turn automatic screen lock on your iPod touch off, so it does not lock itself during the jailbreaking process, and you should turn Wi-Fi off too, to make sure any incoming notifications don't interrupt the jailbreak.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 4:Open Absinthe, which will prompt you to connect your iPod touch.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 5:Click the 'Jailbreak' button to start the process.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 6:Absinthe will then perform the jailbreak, providing the following notifications: 'Sending initial data', 'Waiting for reboot', 'Waiting for device to finish booting', 'Preparing jailbreak data', and 'Sending payload data'.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 7:After a few moments, Absinthe will say it is 'almost done', and then the application will appear on one of your iPad's home screens. You might need to flick around, as if there's no space on the first page, it will appear in the next available space.

iPod touch Jailbreak – Step 8:Tap the Absinthe app and your jailbreak is now complete.

Please note: If you get an error stating: “Error establishing a database connection”, go to the Settings app, then turn VPN on. this will give a configuration error, but after around a minute the iPod will reboot and Cydia will now be on your home screen.

Cydia is an applications store for jailbroken apps and is where you can download apps and tweaks to alter and personalise the interface of your iPod touch.

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How to Jailbreak iPod touch Using Absinthe 2.0

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