How to get on the PGA tour for this summer?

I am 14, I love to play golf and I know most about the game. I want to play golf for the PGA tour the easiest and less costly way how how can I play for the tour without breaking the bank to get there?

Dear i don't think you can go to play in GPA Tour now so you have to waite for the time. You should practice it lot and watch how the game played. I watch PGA Tour Live on the link… . So watch it here free and get learned more about the play.

as a pro there is an age limit. and to qualify most have to qualify by working for a golf course, then pass a pro qualifying test. but if you were an phenom you could get invited or sponsored to play in a tournament.

Win the US Open next year, then try to get sponsor's exemptions into the Pro events.

not possible right now but keep on dreaming…make it happen…

How to get on the PGA tour for this summer?

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